Honda Brio Life Concept Cars 2012

Honda Brio Life Concept Cars

Honda recently showcased two beautifully contrasting Honda Brio concepts at the Thailand Motor Show in an attempt to show off the Brio's diversity when it comes to accessories.

The Brio concepts have been named the Honda Brio Day Life and Honda Brio Night Life and feature two very contrasting models. The Brio Day Life has been painted a bright Solar Orange and laden with accessories like a body kit on the rear panel with a rear diffuser, side skirts, silver accents and fake carbon fibre on the front grille and rear spoiler. It has also been given 5-spoke alloy wheels that go well with the silver accents and doorhandles.

The Honda Brio Night Life is in complete contrast to the Day Life concept. It showcases the Brio in a Dark Black paint job with neon blue graphics and vinyls that have been designed to make the Brio look like an integrated circuit.

The car looks like something out of the Tron movie. Multi-spoke alloy wheels further add Tron-ish characters to the car. While the Night Life concept does not feature as many accessories and add-ons as the Day Life concept, it certainly has more youth-appeal.