Gemma Atkinson and Liam Richards - Training in Hollywood Hills

The 27-year-old actress, who's recently been spotted training with her boyfriend Liam Richards, seemed to have swapped him in favour of a fitter model at the weekend. Putting her through her paces was former Gladiator star Mark Smith, who starred as Rhino on the 1990's ITV show, displaying an incredibly toned physique.
Gemma wore a tiny purple cropped top and low-slung, black leggings for her workout in the trails of the Hollywood Hills, managing to work up a sweat during the punishing session.
The actress showed off her iron-board flat stomach and defined abs, going make-up free and scraping her hair back into a high, messy ponytail.
But even fitness fanatic Gemma looked impressed when the 44-year-old former Gladiator whipped of his T-shirt to reveal a well-defined six-pack and toned torso.
Giving her a good workout, the now actor had her doing pull-ups on a high bar, having to give her a hand after a while, after limbering up with a few warm-up stretches.
The pair then decided to have a break, sitting down by the side of a trail after what looked like a grueling and sweaty session.
Clearly trying to progress her career, the blonde actress and model was over in Tinseltown for a number of meetings and to do some voice-over work.
While she has a number of projects coming up, it seems that a Hollywood career might be beckoning, after already breaking into Bollywood.
'Unbeknown to most, I've made a name for myself in Bollywood and in November I'm flying to Switzerland to finish a Bollywood movie called Fever. I start another one in the new year too but that's filmed in Goa and New York,' she said recently.